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Welcome to LTJBSA!

Welcome to LTJBSA!

Spring Season Games & Practices

Registration for our Spring Season opens in mid-October and continues through mid-January. Click here to learn how to register your player

Our season typically begins in mid-April and lasts 8 weeks. Teams will play one game on a weeknight, and one game on select Saturdays throughout the season.  Weeknight games start at 6:15 or 6:30pm. Saturday games (only 2 or 3 per season) start at 10:30am or 12:45pm.  All games last 1 hour and 50 minutes.  Practices are once a week for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on age, and begin at 6pm. 

🔴Example Season Schedule🔴

Tee Ball
Saturday - 9-9:30am - practice, 9:30-10am - game.

Rookies - Mon practice, Thurs/Sat game.
Minors - Tues or Thurs practice, Tues/Thurs or Sat game.
Majors - Mon or Wed practice, Mon or Wed game.

Majors 50/70* - Tues practice, Wed game
Majors 46/60 - Tues practice, Wed/Sat game.
Minors AAA - Mon practice, Tues/Sat game.
Minors AA - Wed practice, Mon/Sat game.
Rookies - Thurs or Fri practice, Thurs/Sat game.

Saturday Game Times
Morning game: 10:30am-12:15pm
Early Afternoon Game: 12:45-2:30pm

All home games are played at Lawrence Central Park , Village Park, Moody Park, or Fasolino Field.

*Little League Softball, Intermediate 50/70 divisions, and Babe Ruth Baseball include an interleague component where teams play a portion of their games against other local towns, home and away. As such, scheduled nights will vary.

Is this the exact schedule?
No, but its the formula we strive to follow because we know parents would like to know timing as early as we can provide it.

However, there are numerous variables that determine the final schedule including: number of registrants each season, number of volunteers for head coach, availability of fields and lights, availability of umpires on certain days and times, the number of District 12 leagues participating in a certain division, local Middle- and High-School game and practice schedules,  maintenance work scheduled by our Township partners at the fields, and more.  We begin piecing together this puzzle once our registration closes, and it takes about 4-5 weeks to get everything finalized. We generally publish the final schedule around the third weekend in March (which is valid only until the first weather event⛈️, and then we have to begin the process again to reschedule games).

🔴Other days of note:🔴

  • Opening Day is the first Saturday of the Season. The League hosts a parade for all players as well as opening ceremonies. Bring your camera!
  • Photo Day is in mid-May. Team and Individual Pictures are available for purchase. 
  • Memorial Day, where all players in jersey can march in Lawrence Township's annual parade.
  • Trenton Thunder Day is in mid-June. The entire League marches on-field before the game, then sits together for a minor league game.
Parents should check their registration email for more information, and review the League Calendar
All players, parents, coaches, spectators, and guests associated with LTJBSA events must abide by our Code of Conduct

Summer Tournaments

New Jersey District 12 an official “District” tournament each year, usually held between June 25 and July 15; and a “house” tournament held between July 16 and July 30. Each tournament offers brackets for different age groups. 

Lawrence enters teams based on player availability in each age group. If an age group has enough interest to make a team, we will form a team at that age level first before asking players to “play up.”

Criteria for selection to a Tournament Team:
  • Participation in at least 8 regular season games, with at least 1 at bat and 1 inning played in the field (unless granted a medical exemption)
  • Ability demonstrated during the regular season, as observed by each coach in the players’ division
  • Ability demonstrated during the tryout process in the following areas: throwing, catching, fielding, baserunning, hitting (see our player development rubric for more details)
  • Roster makeup by position as determined by the Head Coach
The Head Coach makes the final roster participation decisions. By trying out for a Tournament Team, you and your player agree to abide by their decisions for roster selection and playing time.

An important note about Summer Tournaments: 

Little League District Tournament season is a commitment to be available to play or practice anytime between June 15-July 30. Games may be scheduled or reschedule game at a moments notice to accommodate shifting weather patterns or changing schedules at the State level. Teams may be asked to wait out a weather delay in a dugout until late at night to finish a game, then be asked to return the following day to play again. 

Lawrence Little League's policy is that any player that commits to a District Team but misses a scheduled game without an excused absence will be prohibited from trying out the following year. If a family cannot commit to being available for this period, we strongly recommend that their player does not attend try outs and potentially take a roster spot from a player who can make the full commitment. 

Fall Ball Program

Fall Ball programs run from mid-September to mid-October with a focus on skills building and scrimmages. We typically offer programs for 
boys and girls ages 5-12 that focus on fundamentals in a relaxed atmosphere.  Registration typically begins in August and the program starts after Labor Day and runs for 6-8 weeks. 

Depending on enrollment, we usually forms teams in the 7-9 age group, and then in the 10-12 age group. Players typically in the division above the one they played during Spring Season. The commitment is only one weeknight, where either a practice or a game is held, as we understand that children are back to school and homework is ramping up. Registration fees for Fall Ball include a team shirt and hat.


The League will announce weather-related cancellations by 4:45pm on a game day. Cancellations will be communicated to parents directly via Facebook and Instagram. Coaches will receive an email or text, and then must notify their teams directly. 

In the absence of a League announcement by 4:45pm, the following Little League Rules apply: 

  • Rule 3.10 (a): Managers of both teams shall agree on the fitness of the playing field before the game starts. In the event that the two managers cannot agree, the President or a duly delegated representative shall make the determination.
  • Rule 4.10 (d): As soon as the home team's batting order is handed to the home plate umpire, said umpire is in charge of the playing field and from that moment shall have sole authority to determine when a game shall be called, halted, or resumed on account of weather or the condition of the playing field.

Any regulation game (4 innings) that is suspended due to weather will automatically be concluded and a winner declared to avoid having kids sit in dugouts on a school night. 

Any non-regulation game or tie game that enters a weather delay more than 39 minutes prior to the scheduled end will wait, unless decided otherwise by the League or Lawrence Township.

Staying Connected

We communicate with you using three primary tools:

🔴 SportsConnect (

This is the cloud provider behind our registration system and We send emails from with information specifically related to your player  to the email on file at your account. After logging in, you will reach your SportsConnect Account page. You can use your account to add or update your email address, or add an “additional account holder” email address to receive information about your player (such as a spouse or guardian). 

We also post information in the news section of the home page, and on each team’s “Team Central” home page. 

Features of the SportsConnect Account Page
SportsConnect FAQs for Families.

🔴 GameChanger Team Manager

GameChanger Team Manager  is a mobile app that SportsConnect can push information to. It is used for Coach-to-Parent messaging, quick access to schedules, RSVPs for events, and in-game scoring,  Parents should download and install GameChanger

Prior to the start of the season, you will receive an email from your Coach, inviting you to join your GameChanger account to your player’s Team for the season. Clicking this email will authorize your app to see your player’s information. 

How to RSVP in GameChanger
Team Messaging Overview

🔴 Social Media Notifications

Follow us on  Facebook and Instagram for announcements,  upcoming events,  photos, and inclement weather alerts.


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