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Welcome to LTJBSA!

Welcome to LTJBSA!

Registering to Play Ball - Overview

Registering your child is easy! 

✅ Confirm Your Residency
✅ identify your Player's League Age 
✅ Create an Account and Register Your Player

We strongly encourage interested families to subscribe to our email lists or social media accounts so they do not miss important notifications.

Registration for our Spring Season opens in late-October and continues through mid-January.

Following the conclusion of our registration period, It takes approximately eight weeks for our small. volunteer staff to get the League ready for the start of practices. The preparations we need to make includes important team, facility, insurance, and governing body related activities, and the non-profit League incurs significant expenses on behalf of registered players.  As a result, a published end date for a registration period is a firm one, and we cannot guarantee roster  spots for late registrations.

Step 1: Confirm Residency Within League Borders

First, you must confirm residency.

Players are eligible for LTJBSA programs if they reside in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, in one of our league boundaries, or if they attend school in Lawrence Township, NJ. You can confirm that your live within our League boundaries by entering your address into one these online tools: 

Little League Finder Tool (used for Tee Ball, Softball, and Baseball)
Babe Ruth League Region Finder 

Step 2: Determine Your Player's League Age

Program eligibility is based on age:

Lawrence Tee Ball is for girls and boys age 4-6
Lawrence Little League is for boys and girls age 6-12
Lawrence Babe Ruth League is for boys age 13-16
Lawrence Competitive Travel is for boys and girls age 8-15. 

Each national governing body has its own method for determining a player’s age, and so determining their age can look confusing. 

  • Babe Ruth Baseball, Lawrence Tee Ball, and Lawrence Competitive Travel considers your player the age they are on April 30 of the current year.
  • Little League Baseball considers your player the age they are on August 31 of the year of the current season.
  • Little League Softball considers your player the age they are on December 31 of the year prior to the season.

You can use the following online tools to determine your player’s "league" age:

Little League Age Determinator
Babe Ruth Leage Age Chart

Step 3: Login And Register Your Player

Once you have verified your player's residency and League age, it's time to register on (this website). 

You must have an account set up on this website in order to register your child. If you don’t have one, you can follow the New User instructions on this page to set one up.

Visit this page to see our open registrations. For all leagues, you will register their player base on their League age. Players will be assigned to a division after assessment day. 

🥎 Lawrence Little League Softball Divisions
Lawrence Little League Baseball Divisions

You will be asked to log into once you click to register (so be sure you have your account set up and password handy). Once you complete registration, our system will send a confirmation email that includes helpful links. 

Draft & Roster Creation

We use a draft process to create rosters for our Spring seasons. Our goal is to set up teams and divisions that are fair and balanced so we can provide a better learning experience for all players.

We ask players that could potentially play in multiple divisions to participate in Player Assessment Day so the coaches can become familiar with them. 

🔴 Waterfall Draft Overview

We use a waterfall draft (called a "blind draft" by Little League) that starts by drafting with the oldest ages first and then successively moving to younger ages (12s→ 11s→ 10s→ 9s→ 8s). We apply this method to Majors and Minors ( AAA and AA Divisions.). Note that we are required to use your player's League Age when scheduling Assessment Day and conducting the draft.

Rookies and Tee Ball divisions are developmental, not competitive divisions, and so managers are assigned and rosters are selected by a League official. 

Here is our draft process:

  1. The League determines the number of teams at each division.
  2. Registered Managers for a division are assigned a team name.
  3. Registered, eligible players are organized by age in descending order.
  4. Team Managers' names are drawn randomly out of a hat to determine draft order position. 
  5. The draft begins, with managers first selecting from the oldest players eligible .
  6. One all players in an age group are drafted, managers begin drafting from the next oldest age group.

During the draft, managers will balance the competitiveness of the division by ensuring certain skill positions are equally distributed (i.e. we don’t allow one team to have 3 catchers while another team doesn’t have any).  

🔴 Placement Requests

The use of a draft means that the League and Coaches make the final determination of your player's placement within a specific division or on a roster. This means that although you will be asked to select a Division during the checkout process, the final determination of your player’s placement within a specific division will be made by the League.  Your online selection is used as a guide during our draft process. However, at the conclusion of the draft, they may end up in another division than you requested.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to acknowledge that we may not honor a request to place your player:

  • On the same team as any other player (including their sibling)
  • On any specific team (exception: players who have families that are team sponsors are automatically placed on that team)
  • With a specific manager, or coach
  • With a team that practices or plays (or doesn't practice or play) at a certain time or day of the week 
  • Within a specific division or league
Our Fall Ball programs are more informal and while not guaranteed, we have more latitude to accommodate placement requests. Summer Tournament and Competitive Travel Teams utilize a tryout process for roster selection, not a draft.  

Cancellation Policy

We understand that at times you may need to cancel your player's registration and request a refund.  However, immediately following the conclusion of our registration period, the non-profit League incurs significant costs to prepare for the start of a season, including player, team, facility, insurance, and governing body related expenses.  Since our expense-per-player increases as the start of the season approaches, we have established a sliding-scale refund policy so that issued refunds cover the League's expenses already incurred for that player.   

This policy only applies to LTJBSA programs and does not extend to programs produced by our partners. Our partners may have different cancellation policies. Review our partners cancellation policies for their procedures. 

If the LTJBSA receives your cancellation request:

Before Registration Closes
100% of your payment will be refunded, less a $20 processing fee (per registration transaction) incurred by the League.

After Registration Closes But More Than 6 Days Prior to the Start of Spring/Summer/Tournament/Fall Seasons or an LTJBSA Clinic
40% of your registration payment will be refunded.

Five Days or Less Before the Start of Spring/Summer/Tournament/Fall Seasons or an LTJBSA Clinic
No refunds will be issued.

To receive a refund, you must request it via an email sent to [email protected] with "Registration Cancelation" as the subject. The body of the message must include:

  • Your player's full name
  • Your order number
  • The email address of your LTJBSA account
  • Division and Level of play they are registered for
  • Reason for cancelling.

If you cancel one sibling in a family and have received a family discount, that discount will be cancelled and you must pay the difference between full price and the family discount on any player that continues playing in the league. This payment must be made within 72 hours or the sibling will be removed from their team for non-payment.

Your cancellation request must be received no later than 5:00 pm ET on the dates specified above. We will process your refund within 7 days of receipt. Funds will be refunded via the original payment method. Please note that emailing your player's coach does not constitute a cancellation request. 

A Note on Inclement Weather

At the LTJBSA, we always want to play ball. Sometimes, however, springtime weather in Lawrence Township doesn't cooperate and we must postpone games. Our Leagues do their best to reschedule every game that is affected by weather, but our ability to do so is limited by the condition of our playing fields. We build makeup days into our schedules, and our volunteers will work in the field with sump pumps and leaf blowers to dry our fields as soon as storms have left the area. 

Unfortunately, despite everyone's best efforts, mother nature sometimes deposits more water than our fields can handle and we must cancel games that we cannot make up. This sometimes can occur even if it's sunny, because the fields are still muddy and slippery from a previous days storm.

Regardless of how many games our played in a season, our non-profit Leagues incur expenses to put players on the field (we lose approx. $100/player per season, a gap we make up via fundraising). As such, we do not offer refunds for games not played in a season.


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