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Welcome to LTJBSA!

Welcome to LTJBSA!


On-field volunteers are the lifeblood of Lawrence softball and baseball programs. Having adults that are committed to Team Management and Coaching – and who are willing to organize families and get kids to practice are the key to the smooth operation of the season. Being a Coach doesn’t mean you have to be great at teaching softball or baseball. It just means you have to be willing to connect your players with the right resources from around the league that *can* teach them softball or baseball. 

All Team Managers and Coaches are appointed by the President of Lawrence Little League, and all appointments are subject to final approval by the local league’s board of directors.

We realize that being involved a team comes with a time commitment alongside family, work, and other community volunteer efforts.

On behalf of the LTJBSA, THANK YOU for the time and talents you invest in the kids in our community.


The Team Managers and Coaches share a responsibility to help players develop their skills.Working collaboratively, this team helps chart the course for the players that season: what they will learn, how they will learn it, and how they will measure success. Together, this team will bring together the drafted players and form a cohesive team.

We expect all on-field personnel to:

  • Teach and demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for the rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and one's self.
  • Create a healthy and positive environment.
  • Put the interests of all players on the team first, ahead of the interest of their child.
  • Ensure participation by all players on the roster.
  • Promote competitiveness and fair play.
  • Model good sportsmanship and abide by our Code of Conduct.
  • Have the understanding, patience, and the capacity to work with children in the age group of the division.
  • Understand, comply with, and enforce all Lawrence Little League and Little League rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Develop practice plans and in-game strategy.
  • Field preparation and cleanup.
  • Attend mandatory manager/coaching meetings and clinics.
  • Keep sensitive information (such as health information or discussions about player ability) confidential.

There are slight differences in the specific roles of Team Manager and Coach


  • Leading the team and having overall accountability for the season
  • The primary contact for Lawrence Little League and parents
  • Drafting the team roster
  • Managing playing time and setting lineups
  • Tracking pitch counts and ensuring score is kept
  • Final decision on practice activity and in-game decisions.
  • Selecting coaches or parents to assist the team


  • The secondary contact for Lawrence Little League and parents.
  • Pre-game dugout set up.
  • Advise the Manager on in-game decisions
  • Work collaboratively with the Manager on practice and gameday.

Additionally, Team Managers and Coaches may assign a parent to keep score and track pitch counts (on GameChanger and on our scoreboards). This may be one individual for the entire season, or can rotate game-to-game.


The League will announce weather-related cancellations by 4:45pm on a game day. Cancellations will be communicated to parents directly via Facebook and Instagram only. Coaches will also receive an email or text, and then must notify their teams directly. 

In the absence of a League announcement by 4:45pm, the following Little League Rules apply: 

  • Rule 3.10 (a): Managers of both teams shall agree on the fitness of the playing field before the game starts. In the event that the two managers cannot agree, the President or a duly delegated representative shall make the determination.
  • Rule 4.10 (d): As soon as the home team's batting order is handed to the home plate umpire, said umpire is in charge of the playing field and from that moment shall have sole authority to determine when a game shall be called, halted, or resumed on account of weather or the condition of the playing field.

Any regulation game (4 innings) that is suspended due to weather will automatically be concluded and a winner declared to avoid having kids sit in dugouts on a school night. 

Any non-regulation game or tie game that enters a weather delay more than 39 minutes prior to the scheduled end will wait, unless decided otherwise by the League or Lawrence Township.


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