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Lawrence Twp. Junior Baseball & Softball - Home of the 2018 NJ District 12 Baseball Champions!


Board Members for the Association and each League

2019 LTJBSA Board Members

Zig Zegarski - President LTJBSA^
Ralph Floyd - Babe Ruth President*
Sean Willever - Little League President*
Pete Cino - Little League Vice President for Softball *
Bob Dalle Pazze - Treasurer & Information Officer*
Lisa Nevius - Safety Officer*
Mike Crowley - Trustee at Large^
Gene McGuire - Trustee at Large^
Brian Ciuffreda- Trustee at Large^ 
Jared Krimmel- Trustee at Large^
Ken Kiernan - Travel Softball  President*
Ken Dobkin - Travel Baseball President*
Nancy Bergen - Lawrence Twp. Recreation Dept. (-)

* Holds Position on the LTJBSA Board based on election to a subsequent board
^ Holds Position on the LTJBSA Board based on direct election to this board
(-) Holds non-voting advisory positions on the board 

2019 Lawrence Babe Ruth Board

Ralph Floyd - President 
Kevin Van Hise - Player Agent 
Lisa Nevius - Safety Officer
Bob Dalle Pazze - Treasurer
Joe Lawrence - Umpire in Chief
Sean Willever - Little League Liaison

2019 Lawrence Little League Board

Sean Willever - President
Pete Cino - Vice President for Softball
Gene McGuire - Vice President for Baseball
Bob Dalle Pazze - Treasurer & Information Officer
Lisa Nevius - Safety Officer
Nancy Maloney - Board Member at Large
Brian Ciuffreda - Board Member at large
Mike Crowley - Board Member at Large
Mark Kriegel - Board Member at Large
Ken Mitchell - Board Member at Large 
Jared Krimmel - Board Member at Large
Colin Edgar - Board Member at Large
Paul Vichrowski - Board Member at Large
Ken Dobkin - Board Member at Large

LTJBSA Board Term Dates 

(These individuals are elected directly to the LTJBSA Board.  All other individuals are automatic placements on the LTJBSA Board by their position on either the Lawrence Little League,  the Lawrence Babe Ruth or The Competitive Baseball & Softball Board)

Brian Ciuffreda   (Exp 11/2019)
Jared Krimmel    (Exp 11/2019)
Gene McGuire    (Exp 11/2021)
Zig Zegarski        (Exp 11/2019)
Mike Crowley      (Exp 11/2019) 
Nancy Bergen  - Lawrence Twp. Recreation Dept.